Streamlined content with dynamic user interaction reinforcing content information. Retaining ledgability of understanding of the content display regarding services.

Technical Animation

Displaying the electrical current of an electrical cars current engine. The speed of the animation can be changed dynamically by sliding the Tab above "slow". You can also stop the animation by clicking the button "start".

Technical Animation

Simulation of electrical engine within a car. The speed of the animation can be changed dynamically by moving the Tab within the slider, and can paused at any time by clicking the "stop" button. This animation also incorporates a motion blur as the speed increases.

CBT (computer based training)

3D animation within flash. Model conversion to vector based graphics, with aspects of the model separated and animated within flash to allowing for a smooth animation.

IS4BI CD-ROM & Web page

Promotional CD-Rom developed to showcase IS4BI's trainning and clientele, including promotion features "Tell A Friend" the ability to email a promotional email to any email address. Along with a sleek Contact page allowing for contact with directed toward the company, and a screen saver of the splash page (introduction page) available for download. This also is database driven with an administration.